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Great Googly Boogly! (excerpt):
Some books excel at providing well written, accurate information about a given subject. If one is lucky the author has a real knack for turning the word and writing engaging prose; they are able to draw the reader into the story they tell and keep their attention rapt. (This is incredibly rare when one is talking about a How-To book, a tech-related book, an instructional guide.) Still other authors provide their readers inspiration by way of beautifully reproduced photographs or illustrations. Michelle Bates has hit the trifecta with her Focal Press offering, "Plastic Cameras - Toying With Creativity" (Second Edition). ...
Michael Maersch on Amazon.com (2nd Edition)

Four Corners Dark (excerpt):
It's rare to find a book so lovingly dedicated to such an obscure art form, but Michelle Bates has created what is the ultimate homage to the Holga in “Plastic Cameras : Toying with Creativity.” ... For a first time user or a Holga expert, there is simply nothing left out. ... This is the first book of its kind to truly cover the full experience of shooting with a Holga. ... It’s a book that you will read more then once, and refer to often. “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity” is a must not only for Toy Camera Photographers, but all Photographers- as she says, “truly great images come from the vision of the photographer, not from the equipment.”

TakeGreatPictures.com (excerpt):
The detail and delight that Bates takes in sharing her love of plastic cameras makes reading Plastic Cameras - Toying with Creativity a joyous experience. However, the reader does run the risk of being tempted to run right out and buy a plastic camera!

•  Ctein on The Online Photographer (excerpt):
Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity understands both the fun and merit of toy camera photography. It proves conclusively that not only can you produce wonderful art with these gadgets, along with having a great time, but that "plastic camera photography" has no more of a single, forced "look" than does Nikon photography.
This one's highly recommended.

•   Creating big art with a little camera (excerpt)
This book has a wealth of info on everything you could possibly want to know about taking great art photography with a toy camera. Very well written, beautifully illustrated and just a joy to read whether you want to take photos or just enjoy looking at them.
Barbe K. Saint John "Barbe" (Ohio) on Amazon.com (2nd edition)

•  Guide to the world of plastic photography
Without a doubt, the best all-around guide to plastic camera photography available. Well written, beautifully illustrated, informative yet entertaining. Michelle Bates has done a great job. If you're just curious, she will inspire you. If you're into the plastic fantastic, she'll motivate you. And if you've been doing this stuff for years, she'll make you feel good about yourself. It's about time somebody did it, and I don't think anyone could have done it better.
Kent Nunamaker (Miami, Florida), creator of the Snapdragon 4 x 5 pinhole camera on Amazon.com

•  Best on the subject
I cannot speak highly enough of this book. The range of imagery, discussion of technique and conceptual development is first rate. The Plastic camera genre has been with us for many years but this is the finest book I have seen on the subject. The photography is quite superb and well set out. I am a lecturer in Photography and I will certainly be recommending this book to my library and my students.
Mark Kimber (Adelaide, South Australia) on Amazon.com

•  Silvershotz: The International Journal of Fine Art Photography (excerpt):
The book contains a suprising amount of very good practical advice that is relevent to photography in general but also very specific to toy cameras. This is a fun book that everyone will enjoy from novices to seasoned professionals. The combination of a Holga toy camera and this book would be a great gift to a child with an interest in photography through a professional who wants to simplify their life and learn to see again with the simplest and most basic camera.
Silvershotz, Volume 3, edition 8

•  A comprehensive book on toy cameras! (excerpt)
There is so much great content in Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity! Not only does it pose as a great jumping off point for those new to toy camera photography, but it provides many awesome tips and techniques for seasoned veterans alike.
This book is an invaluable resource for toy camera shooters, and a must read for anyone looking to open up and get creative with their image making. If you're looking for a release from the digital choke hold on photography, grab a Holga, pick up a copy of Plastic Cameras, and get out there and shoot!
Mike (San Diego, CA) on Amazon.com

•  From Squareblog (excerpt):
‘Plastic Cameras’ offers a great deal of information for newcomers, but I still believe that even experienced Holga users may find this book interesting. I have been using Holgas for almost a year now and I run one of the most popular websites regarding Holgas. I found the book delightful and would recommend it to any plastic fanatic!
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