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I got a lovely review by Ctein, a photographer I met last spring through my housemate, and also an author for Focal Press, on The Online Photographer blog site. Ctein’s new book, “Digital Restoration” is just hitting stores.

Freestyle Photographic Supply, a wonderful photography dealer, which is also the US distributor for the Holga, has put me on the cover of their new Educator’s Resource catalog. It’s perhaps little more exposure than I was thinking, but pretty fun. I’m on Freestyle’s Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals, and will be having an exhibition at their gallery in Los Angeles in February (opening on the 22nd, with a lecture on the 24th). More details here as I get them.

Freestyle catalog
Cover photograph by Jennifer Loomis, who I also photograph for, and is a brand-new member of the Freestyle Advisory Board herself!

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