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It’s been a busy couple of months with book events, trade shows, conferences, workshops and more, and I’m not finished yet!

In October, I had another great photo visit to NY, this time full of events for the newly released second edition of “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity.” Actually, I started out in Philadelphia, teaching a workshop at Project Basho, and enjoying the Phili Slideluck Potshow, which included images by Plastic Cameras contributor Nancy Siesel. Basho is a great photo center, as is Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, right around the corner.

Heading to NY, I attended the Lucie Awards. I really enjoy this event, and not just because I get to dress up fancy at Lincoln Center! It’s a great mix of photography lovers, so I love talking with people before and after. But the awards themselves are hugely educational for me. Most of the awards are given for lifetime achievement, so the photographers being honored have long histories of artistic creativity and career success. I feel like it’s rare today to acknowledge the long view of what people have accomplished, and seeing the selection of images is an inspiration to me.

PhotoPlus Expo was the centerpiece of the week. I’ve been attending this trade show since 1991, and it’s like home to me (odd thing to say about a trade show at a massive convention center, I realize…). I scheduled my book release party during it, and did a book signing at Freestyle’s booth, as well as presenting a seminar as part of the show.

Book signing at PhotoPlus Expo

Book signing at PhotoPlus Expo - Freestyle Photographic's booth

Michelle Bates Seminar at PhotoPlus Expo

Michelle Bates Seminar at PhotoPlus Expo

The book party was fantastic – I had an eclectic mix of people from different parts of my life – even from different parts of the country! Book contributors Sylvia Plachy, Nancy Siesel, Mary Ann Lynch, Anne Arden McDonald, Gyorgy Beck, Brigitte Grignet, Erin Antognoli, and Susan Bowen were there, as were my whole team from Focal Press and Freestyle, family friends from New York and Seattle, and a whole bunch of people I didn’t know! The party was graciously hosted by Soho Photo Gallery (many thanks to Sandi Daniel, Jeff Smith and Sandy Carrion), where I’ll be having a solo exhibition in March.

"Plastic Cameras" book party Michelle Bates

"Plastic Cameras" book party at Soho Photo Gallery, Oct 27th, 2010

Book contributors Nancy Siesel, Mary Ann Lynch, Michelle Bates, Sylvia Plachy, Erin Antognoli, Gyorgy Beck & Brigitte Grignet

Michelle Bates NY book party

Book party for "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity"

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