Moisture Festival Photo Show & Book!

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Its first year, 2004, the Moisture Festival was in a circus tent in a parking lot in the middle of Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. I went to one show, and mostly remember dancing to the band afterward, the cold air blowing in under the tent flaps. What a long way the festival has come since then, and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to be a part of it! Since 2005, Moisture Fest’s home has been Hale’s Palladium, a warehouse that’s part of Hale’s Brewery on the west edge of Fremont. It’s grown to 40 shows over 4 weeks, at several venues, including ACT Theatre, with partners such as SIFF Cinema (with more venues and partners coming up for 2010).

I’ve been there with my camera since 2005, as have John Cornicello & Mark Gardiner, as the official festival photographers. It takes over our lives during the weeks of the festival, getting to as many shows as we can, hanging out with all the performers, and reveling in the fun atmosphere it creates, and for weeks and months afterward, editing the photos. After all these years, but the time has come for the Moisture Festival Book!!

Working in fits and starts throughout this year, we’ve had a fun and crazy process of collecting the best images from all three of us; for the last few weeks we’ve spent days at a time camped out in front of several computers and screens laying out the photos, making sure we have everyone included, doing the layout, captions, and editing.

Ron W Bailey has been our inspiration, cheerleader, visionary and sponsorship genius, and his infectious laugh has kept us going even after our eyes started to cross from looking at way too many images. Since the idea first came up, we all have had good intentions toward this project, but it probably never would have actually happened if Corey Scheerer hadn’t stepped up to the plate to do the real work of putting it together. It’s been a fun (and OK, sometimes frustrating) collaborative process, and I am profoundly grateful to Corey for making it real! The book is in its last editing phases, and ready to be born next week, November 25th, with a celebratory exhibition and reception at Hale’s, from 7-9pm (the night before Thanksgiving). Please join us! The show will be up for a while afterwards too, so stop in to Hale’s and check it out.

The first printing of the book (100 copies) is $30, and will be available at the reception, the Moisture Festival New Year’s Eve party at Hale’s, at Fremont Place Books, and at the festival in 2010!

Here is the cover and a sneak preview sample spread from my section.

Cover of the Moisture Festival Book

Sample spread from MF book


Photo Plus report

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Once again this year, I made it to NYC in October for Photo Plus Expo, the huge photo trade show at the Javitz Center. The weather this year was lovely most of the time, which made getting around the city delightful, and once it started pouring rain, we were all happy to be in the other-world of the Javitz.

Freestyle Photo was there again this time, and I spent a lot of time camped out at their booth, playing with their display of Holgas, chatting with Expo-goers, and meeting with people around their little table.
One group that gathered together was from the FAB, which started many years ago as an AOL chat group. Many of the folks have known each other online for all this time, and it was great for me to meet a bunch in person.

AnnMarie Tornabene
AnnMarie Tornabene
A Clump of FABsters at the Freestyle booth

Focal Press also had a great booth, so I stopped by there often to chat about my upcoming second edition with Cara Anderson, my editor, and to talk shop with the other Focal authors who were floating around.

A couple of fantastic surprises were meeting with representatives from Lomographic Society and Urban Outfitters, both of whom are now going to carry my book! These are both places I’ve dreamed of having the book in, and I’m thrilled to work with them to further the world of our beloved plastic cameras! And I chatted more with Superheadz, the Japanese company that’s creating new hits such as the Blackbird, Fly and Golden Half cameras.

Outside of the show, I had a great visit with Gary Moyer, a fellow plastic camera fiend and toycamera.com regular, and got a tour of his extensive camera collection. I chatted with bookies Harvey Stein, James Balog & Ann Arden McDonald, and got the OK for a couple of very special additions for the second edition! I also attended the Lucie Awards, which is a fantastic combination of celebrating lifetime achievement of venerable photographers, and bringing attention to up-and-coming ones. Also a fun opportunity to get dressed up and go to Lincoln Center!

Mickey camera
One of Gary Moyer’s many toy cameras

Unfortunately, I left NY right before two parties I would have *loved* to attend: Superheadz had their whole staff in town from Japan and had a big shindig, and Lomographic Society had an opening reception at its store for its display this month of Alan Deitrich’s collection of Diana cameras and clones.

Next month my photos will be up in NY, as the Holga Inspire exhibition makes it third stop at Umbrella Arts Gallery. Opening is December 9th, and it goes through January 16th, when Tammy Cromer-Campbell is teaching a Holga workshop. Stop by and check out the show!

That’s all for now!