B&H Photo & f295 – NY Photo Fun

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My latest trip to NY was colder than usual, but still fantastic.

On January 18th, a fantastic group of photographers gave presentations at B&H Photo’s Event Space. We are all part of f295, a group based out of Pittsburgh, whose hallmark event is a symposium, coming up this May. The Event Space is newish, in the middle of the second floor of B&H’s massive NY store (the Holgas are hidden in the farthest corner from the door…), and the room was packed. Details and links to the presenters’ bios here.

Michelle & Tom Persinger at CCNY show
Michelle with Tom Persinger, organizer of f295 – all 3 images taken with a Rollei MiniDigi

To celebrate the seminar, and give everyone a chance to see the prints in person, we put up at 4-day show at the Camera Club of New York. This was a fantastic opportunity to study the prints, and see the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between artistic visions and techniques. With a range spanning the history of photography, this was quite a collection!

CCNY f295 show Photos at CCNY f295 show
The f295 exhibition at the Camera Club of New York

Later in the week, I had my very own day at B&H! In the morning, I gave a free talk to a room full of toy camera lovers (an edited version of this will be up on B&H’s web site soon). And for the afternoon, a smaller group gathered to learn the ins and outs of playing with Holgas. Everyone got their Holgas taped and loaded up, we went out to shoot in the frigid weather, and even got instant gratification with Fuji Instant Film on a Holga Polaroid back!
B&H workshop January 2009

Thanks to f295, B&H, CCNY and all the presenters, I think everyone had a fabulous few days!