San Fran in the Sun

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I lucked out in my November visit to San Francisco with sunny days with temps in the high 70s – it was delicious!

I went for the West Region conference of the Society for Photographic Education. It was a sweet little gathering (compared the national conferences I usually go to), but I got to see lots of people I know, and meet some new ones. Erika Gentry & Ann Jastrab were a couple of the organizers – Erika teaches at the City College of San Francisco, and Ann runs the gallery at Rayko Photo, where I sometimes teach. It took place at the Academy of Art, where I often guest lecture.
The theme was “Inspiration,” which was a really great one, and led to some wonderful sessions and discussions. The opening panel, on that idea, included Ted Orland, who’s a big presence in my book, and Danny Hobson, another great photographer I know. Great group.

I also went to a couple of book release parties featuring Chronicle Books‘ newest selections (including Linda Conner’s), led by Michael Rauner, whose book “Visionary State” is just stunning. Four books were featured at the party at SF Camerawork, where the gallery was covered salon-style with prints for its upcoming auction (Dec 6th). You won’t find a better selection of photographs anywhere (check out the photos beforehand, or online, and better yet, go to the auction and bid!).

An extra with the conference was a curator’s tour of a fantastic exhibition at SFMOMA: Brought to Light: Photography and the Invisible, 1840-1900, which features sections on photography with microscopes, telescopes, x-rays, electricity, and strobes to stop motion. The collection of vintage prints is just stunning. I must get the book!

As always, I combined business with pleasure, seeing friends in SF, caught a show, and had a fantastic time photographing the door grates with my Rollei MiniDigi – I’ll have to do more of that!
What a great city!

Grate #4Grate #2
Great Grate #1Grate #3
Photos from the Rollei MiniDigi



New York Report

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Have to start with wow.
This was a spectacular week of photography fun in New York, center of the photography world.
I started off attending the Lucie Awards, bringing together a huge cross-section of photography folks, from all over the world, in some serious swankiness at Lincoln Center. Funny that the group of people I met happened to be from Portland (the westerly one…).

And it just went uphill from there.
My guest of honor for the week was Christine So, from the Tokina Company – not the Japanese Tokina which makes lenses, but the one in Hong Kong which makes Holgas! In talking, oh, 5 days earlier, about ideas they have to reach out to the photography world, I suggested (OK, insisted) that the best way for her to see how it all works and meet loads of people would be to hop on a plane to NY and meet me there for Photo Plus Expo. And so she did!
with Christine at Photo PlusChristine & Patrick at Photo Plus
Me, Christine & Patrick Dellibovi at the Freestyle (FS Distribution) booth
We went to the Blurb meet-up, spent three full, fun days doing Photo Plus at the Javits Center, visited ICP and B&H Photo.
On Sunday, we gathered for a lovely lunch with a group of Holga photographers at the home of Jill Enfield, a Holga fan and one of the photographers in my book.
At Jill Enfield's
Annu Matthew, me, Jill Enfield, David Burnett, Pauline St. Denis & Christine So at Jill’s house
Christine met a zillion photographers, photo professionals, and other artists and enthusiasts. We bounced around lots and lots of ideas – keep an eye out for upcoming developments on the Holga front!
At Teru's show
With Teru Kuwayama, who brings his Holgas all over the world, at the show, “Battlespace: Unrealities of War” at Sideshow Gallery
Most of all, I had a fantastic time with Christine and seeing all the sparks flying when we and my friends talked about art and photography; it was thrilling!

Rounding out my trip, I spent time with my family & local friends, visited the Met & several galleries, saw both The Flying Karamazov Brothers and Hunchback, a puppet-flavored version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (playing through November 9 at the New Victory – go see it), took a gorgeous walk in glorious fall Central Park and played in the snow(!) in New Jersey. I love that I get to combine work and seeing family and friends with being in one of the great cities of the world!