The Blessing of Mr. Lee

Posted in Photography at 4:41 pm by Michelle

So I had a nice surprise last week; I got a message on Flickr from someone claiming to work for Mr Lee, who invented the Holga camera. She was looking for photographs to hang at their headquarters in Hong Kong. I mentioned my book, which she hadn’t heard of, and got very nice feedback, and a little mention of them wanting to start doing some shows and events. The name of the comany was unfamiliar, and this all sounded too good to be true, so I checked it out with people in the know, and it turns out that Tokina Company is owned by Universal Electronics, which I credit with being the producer of the Holga in my book. I sent them off a copy of the book, signed personally to Mr Lee, thanking him for the Holga. This is the response I got last night:

Letter from Mr Lee

Wow!!! From the man himself! The list of things they’re sending off to me is crazy long; this should be fun to unpack!

This is the photograph of him that appears on page 8 of my book:

Mr Lee by Skorj
photo taken by Skorj with a Fujipet camera

A very exciting moment!! I hope I can start doing some talks with them – we’ll see how it all plays out!