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Talk, talk, talk. Look at photographs. Talk some more.
Photolucida is a delerious delight if you like to eat, breathe and talk photography for days. It’s one of the growing number of portfolio review events around the world, which bring together photographers and those who deal with photography – gallery owners, museum curators, book and magazine publishers, collectors, and more. The core of the event is the meetings: photographers and reviewers get 20-minute-long sessions to show and look at work. The photogs get 4-5 or these a day, adding up to about 20 over the event. But outside of the formal reviews, lots and lots of informal sharing and networking happens between the photographers and the reviewers. It’s a great, intense event!
Photolucida is in Portland, OR (a nice short hop from Seattle). Other events include the biggie, Fotofest, in Houston and Review Santa Fe (which is juried), and ones in Brimingham, England, Arles, France, and Prague. A slew of them are collected on the Festival of Light site.

I met with lots of interesting folks from around the country. The most fun stuff to happen was bring interviewed by Jim Casper to be featured on his website, Lens Culture, later this month, and being invited to speak at SF Camerawork this fall. I spoke to several regional photo centers about teaching as well – I’m starting to spread the Holga love around the country, but more on that in another post. And I met lots of wonderful photographers who were showing their work. It’s a great event for making connections with people who love photography at all levels.