“Plastic Cameras” hits the Web!

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So the last month has been a sort of incubation period; I’ve been recovering from all the parties, and the book has been spreading out into the world. With the enormous number of books out there (and being released every day), it’s a hard thing to get your book facing out and noticed. But things are starting to happen for “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity.” Here are a few fun links:

First, I was interviewed by Alysha Sideman, who I met at Photo Plus Expo, for the professional photography website Imaging Info. Check out the full article with several photos.

The book is also for sale at Photo-Eye (a great online photo bookstore and gallery based in Santa Fe), which features images of several spreads from the book – BookTease! Looks like it spent a couple of weeks on Photo-Eye’s Bestseller List!

Two websites gave the book glowing recommendations:
Apogee Photo Magazine & Random Photo Blog and it got a nice mention in Communication Arts magazine (the kind on paper) too.

My three Amazon reviews are all 5 stars, and very enthusiastic (and no, I don’t know the reviewers!). Plus I’ve been occasionally showing up on the Amazon best seller list under Art & Photography: Photography: Equipment. Today I was number 99! Amazing the things that make us feel accomplished!

Here’s my favorite Amazon review:

Guide to the world of plastic photography., October 20, 2006
Reviewer: J. Nunamaker “jnsnapdragon” (Miami, Florida United States)
Without a doubt, the best all-around guide to plastic camera photography available. Well written, beautifully illustrated, informative yet entertaining. Michelle Bates has done a great job. If you’re just curious, she will inspire you. If you’re into the plastic fantastic, she’ll motivate you. And if you’ve been doing this stuff for years, she’ll make you feel good about yourself. It’s about time somebody did it, and I don’t think anyone could have done it better.

Kent Nunamaker

I’ve got copies here, and would be happy to send signed, personalized ones out. Just give a shout!
I hope everyone’s enjoying the book!