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The book is now out in the world, with three official parties to send it off in style.

In New York City, Photo Plus was the center of a convergence of photographers for several days. My publisher, Focal Press, had a booth at the show, and on the first day, I parked myself there for a few hours to meet people, see the reactions to the book, and sign copies. The next couple of days was a mish-mosh of more of the same, wandering around the show meeting and catching up with people, always with book in hand, a dinner with several Focal authors and staff, a friend’s book launch party for “Worldchanging: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century”, and, of course, my book party.

After the absurd adventure of shopping and trying to find a table in Manhattan, we gathered at Robin Rice Gallery in Chelsea on Friday night for my New York book launch celebration, and it was great! We had a wonderful mix of folks, including my family, New York and Seattle friends, some folks from the photo world, and 6 contributors to the book! There was much enjoying of drinks and snacks, looking at Gordon Stettinius’ beautiful photos on the walls, talking about photography and other things, and trading of business cards.

The rest of the week included the Lucie Awards (an amazing selection of world-class photographers), seeing my friend Victoria Haas in the film “Approaching Union Square”, meeting up with family, and checking out my book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble and the International Center of Photography bookstore – a dream come true!

From the New York party: The NY contributor crewContributors Megan Green, Susan Bowen, Pauline St Denis, Gordon Stettinius, me, Mary Ann Lynch, & Nancy Burson. Michelle & Teru
Michelle & Teru Kuwayama at his show closing party at Fastback Books.

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Look – It’s a Book!

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The Book!
So, you may have guessed from the link on the front of my site, that the book has been published and is now out in the world! (The blog was down for a bit while I was switching servers). Back in September, I got the cover (and just the cover) in the mail, and showed that first physical manifestation of all my hard work around for a week with all sorts of excitement. Only a few folks dared to open it up and ask, “Where’s the rest?” with a smile.

Then, on September 22nd, I got my first copy. It took my breath away. It’s cute and small and has a lovely weight to it. The pages are glossy, the cover is rich and colorful and has those great flaps. I walked out of the house clutching it to my chest, and heading right towards me was a man clutching his baby to his chest in just the same way. No explanation needed there.

There was a problem with the first print run, so getting the rest of the copies was delayed a few weeks. I had a few more to show around and give where they were needed right away (the PCNW auction, my dad, etc), and the rest of the books finally showed up a couple of days before my first launch party, whew!

That first shindig was on Vashon Island at the Blue Heron Arts Center, a place where I spent many years helping other artists with their shows, hung my work several times, and enjoyed the art and performances of many friends. It’s a warm place close to my heart, and it was lovely to be surrounded by friends and, finally, the book in physical form. In fact, the line of the month since I’ve gotten a hold of it is, “Look – it’s a book!”

The following night I held a launch party in in Seattle at the Photographic Center Northwest. This is another place I’ve spent lots of time over the years – printing, taking classes, volunteering, lecturing, and teaching workshops, since 1992. It was great to celebrate the release of the book there, along with many friends and colleagues, and delicious food and a book cake by Tiberio! And everyone got a chance to be bug out and be in the book cover!

It’s been an exciting couple of months, and this week brings my New York launch party and more fun at Photo Plus Expo. More on that to come!

Tiberio's book cakeSteffon Moody takes a turn in the book cover