Next steps

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So, as I try to catch up with other photo projects, the process of booking continues. The manuscript and images are at the compositor, and we’ve been haggling over the text for the back cover.

Now is when the marketing gears get turning ever faster. We’re working on magazine contacts, distribution possibilities, and details like how to get the contributors’ copies of the book signed and sent to them. I’m party planning for Seattle and New York, and generally having a blast filling people in on the project.

And the energy is starting to spread. Ted Orland, my biggest contributor, connected me with a fabulous website, Luminous Lint, that is well on its way to its goal of being a comprehensive survey of historical and contenporary photography. I’ll be writing a blurb about plastic cameras and curating an exhibit of images culled from the book.

Meanwhile, time to get back to editing digital images from Moisture Festival, Chautauqua Jambablaya Tour, and the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade. Links to images coming soon!



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My head is spinning, and I keep finding myself walking around in circles. Could it be that I’m really done? Well, the manuscript has been massaged, photos added, images placed at the start of each chapter, and now it’s out of my hands. For a while, anyway. Now, it seems, everything gets proofread, and then sent off to India for compositing. In a month or so, I get to review the final layout and make any last mintute edits or changes. And come the beginning of October, it’ll be sitting in all of our hands! Strangely enough, it’s already up on Amazon! I don’t know how many books they sell, but today I’m #1,263,217 in sales. Pretty good for a book that’s not going to be out for 3 1/2 months! That’s not the final cover, by the way; that’ll be coming soon.
Thanks for everyone’s support during this long haul of a project.
Now, out into the sunshine!


Edit, edit!

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Gosh, I thought when I handed my manuscript in in February that the hard work was over. I was wrong! In an effort to polish up the writing, I’ve been editing, rewriting and reorganizing the whole shebang with the help of the fabulous Mary Ann Lynch. t’s quite a process, but I’m glad to have the opportunity to focus on the writing, since the image aquisition was so overwhelming during the initial preparation phase. I’m grateful for the patience of my editors!
Next is working with the layout folks to place the images within the design – that sounds like fun!

And sometime during all this, I’m really going to get around to organizing all the images from the Moisture Festival and Chautauqua Tour! Links will be forthcoming.
And, I’m starting to plan for the book release party in New York during Photo Plus, November 2-4. If anyone has ideas for a suitable venue, let me know. Thanks!

Never a dull day in photo-ville!