The Wheels are Turning

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Now it’s their turn. I handed in the manuscript and images to Focal Press, and the big publisher’s machine has kicked into gear. I’ve been assigned a production editor, and soon a copy editor’s going to start sorting through my words. They’ve started working on the layout, which I love so far, and cover designs have been flying back and forth via email.

This week is a conference in Chicago for the Society for Photographic Education, so they’re making postcards to advertise the book. I can’t quite believe it, but it includes the sentance, “The first toy camera guide written by the internationally known “Holga Queen”.”

Here’s the current look of the cover and title, all subject to change, of course!
Draft cover of

I’ll report back after the conference!



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Well, I did it. Finished. On Feb 16th, on my way to Florida for a friend’s wedding, I sent off my FedEx box containing the pieces of my book. 148 pages of manuscript in 10 chapters pplus back matter, 4 CDs and a bunch of contact sheets with 176 images, and permissions forms from my 30 contributors. The actual text took up only 1MB – the rest was a slew of 14MB tif files.

It was quite an intense project; in the end it felt a little like doing a thesis for a class I hadn’t actually taken. But it was also tons of fun to interact with so many fabulous artists, put down in pixels what I’ve learned over the years, and create something unique.

I hope this book will open up the world of low-tech photography for many people who love making images but are overwhelmed by the technology of it. Even I, who have a full selection of fancy cameras, recently purchased my first digital SLR, and harassed my contributors to submit digital files, get sick of all the technology. It’s a breath of fresh air to run around with my little Holgas and spring the shutter the life capturing the beauty around me.
Thanks to everyone who supported me during this busy time, and I’m thrilled to be back in the world once again!
This is what a book looks like!