Geeking out with toys in Denver

Posted in Photography at 11:54 am by Michelle

Last week I journeyed to cold, cold Denver to consult with Reverse Technology and Diana camera buff Mark Sink. We’ve known each other for years through this strange thing that is the toy camera community, and I knew I’d get lots of insights into my book by spending some time with him.
Indeed, it was a great visit. Granted, my area of specialty is a small niche, so to spend a few days in his gallery (www.gallerysink.com) surrounded by mounds of books and articles by the greats of the Holga and Diana was pure kid-in-a-candy-store joy!
I also was introduced to the wonders of iChat and instant messaging, which makes swapping images and links gleefully instantaneous, whether sitting at computers 10 feet apart, or halfway across the country!
I’m so glad to have so many wonderful people supporting me on this project (Mark & Mary Anne Lynch, especially), and I can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like!


Article in Silvershotz Magazine

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The new issue of Silvershotz: The International Journal of Fine Art Photography is out, with a full feature about me, including 13 of my images and an article.
This is a really lovely magazine out of Australia, available at Barnes & Noble and selected outlets in the US (call ahead for Volume 3, Edition 4)). http://www.silvershotz.com/magazine/
I’m in some fabulous complany, with the wonderful Jill Enfield on the cover, and Seattle’s John Martinotti right after me.
Pick up an issue if you can.


Photographers of Vashon exhibition this weekend

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At the beginning of this year, even though I don’t actually live on the island anymore, I finally pulled the photographers of Vashon Island out of the woodwork to create a new group. My goals included a community darkroom, which hasn’t quite materialized yet, but we’ve accomplished lots of other fun events!

Back in May, we held a photo review, with more advanced photographers reviewing the work of the less experienced to give advice, critique, and feedback. It was a wonderful event, with 6 reviewers and 12 reviewees swapping chairs around the room for an afternoon.

In June, we put together a juried group exhibition at the Blue Heron Gallery “Uncommon Views of Vashon”, and now we have another group show as part of the Vashon Holiday Arts Studio Tour. This show includes 14 photographers, and is located in a gorgeous spot; the house designed by architect Ibsen Nelsen, with a fabulous view and stunning interior space. The show is open this coming weekend, Dec 10 & 11, from 10-4, at #17 on the tour: vashonislandartstudiotour.com/holiday2005/map/ Come by and say hi!

See photos of the show here!