Images Published in “Creative Vision”

Posted in Photography at 1:14 pm by Michelle

Two of my images have recently been published in “Creative Vision: Digital & Traditional Methods for Inspiring Innovative Photography”, by Jeremy Webb, published by AVA Publishing.
It’s a big, gorgeously produced book, with lots of great images and thoughts. I seem to be the “Break the Rules” and “Junk shop and toy cameras” poster child, which I love! Also, my image is on the featured spread link on the AVA site! Creative Vision


Posted in Photography at 1:07 pm by Michelle

Here begins an outlet for news in my photography world. Blogs were recently introduced to me as a great vehicle for letting folks in on what I’m up to, offering, and thinking about. Since so much has been happening lately, and the chances of anyone checking out the updates to my resume are slim, here we have the newsy new section of my site.

I’ve been making photographs with my Holga plastic camera since being introduced to them at the Maine Photographic Workshops in 1991. In all this time, I’ve made lots of pix, shown and published them, started teaching and writing about them. I love the world of toy cameras, the simplicity of their function, the smiles they bring to people’s faces, and the communities that spring up around them. So, stay tuned for more plastic camera news.

Enjoy my images and writings – thanks!